MEPCO Helpline

MEPCO offers a helpline service to assist users with their electricity needs and issues.

MEPCO helpline handles a wide variety of inquiries from MEPCO customers, ranging from billing and payments, registering service requests, reporting outages and safety concerns, getting information on load shedding schedules, submitting complaints and more. The purpose of this blog is to provide an overview of the services offered through the MEPCO helpline and give users a better understanding of when and how to utilize this important resource.

In the following sections we will cover the main types of issues that the helpline can assist with, including:

  • Billing inquiries
  • Service requests
  • Power outages
  • Safety concerns
  • Energy efficiency advice
  • Load shedding schedules
  • Complaints and feedback

Having a central helpline to reach for electricity-related issues can be invaluable for MEPCO customers. This blog will outline what users can expect when contacting the helpline across different needs.

Contact Information

MEPCO Helpline can be reached through multiple channels for your convenience.


  • For billing inquiries and general information, call the helpline 080063726.
  • For lodging complaints, 080063726.
  • For power failure reporting, call 118 or 8118.


  • Complaints can be emailed to  [email protected]
  • If you doesn’t satisfy with the response on complaints submitted by you, you can write to: Head, Quality and Assurance. Email Address: [email protected]

Register MEPCO Complaint Online:

If you are not interested in lodging complaint through phone number and email or if you don’t get any satisfactory response from these channels you can submit you complaint through online offiial portal.

Here is the link: Register Complaint

It will ask you personal details, complaint details and will also ask you to attach any document if you have.

Track Your Complaint:

If you have submitted the complaint and waiting for your response, Now you can track your complaint application. You just have to enter the 14 digits reference number and it will show you all information about online MEPCO complaint.

Here is the link to track your complaint: Track Your Complaint

Track Your MEPCO Complaint
Track MEPCO Registered Complaint Application


MEPCO Head Office

 Mepco Complex, Khanewal Rd, MEPCO Colony Mepco Colony, Multan, Punjab


The MEPCO Helpline is available 24/7 for power failure reporting and lodging complaints. For other inquiries, the helpline is open Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM.

Billing Disputes

If you believe there is an error on your electricity bill, contact the MEPCO helpline right away. Provide details of the disputed amount and why you believe it is inaccurate.

The customer service representative will investigate the dispute and make adjustments if an error is found. You may be asked to provide additional information or paperwork, such as meter readings, to help resolve the dispute.

MEPCO aims to resolve billing disputes promptly and fairly. Customers should pay the undisputed portion of their bill on time while a complaint is being investigated to avoid late fees or disconnection.

Service Requests

Customers can contact the MEPCO Helpline for various service requests related to their electricity connection. The main service requests include:

New Service Connection

To get a new electricity connection, customers need to submit an application form along with the required documents like proof of ownership/rental agreement for the premises. The MEPCO team will then conduct a site survey to determine the feasibility of providing a new connection and provide a demand note detailing the charges. Once the demand note is paid, the service connection can be installed within a standard time frame.


Existing customers can request for temporary or permanent disconnection of their electricity service through the helpline. Reasons for disconnection can be non-payment of bills, vacating the premises, or electricity no longer required. Proper procedures need to be followed for disconnection requests to avoid continued billing.

Upgrading Service

For customers needing higher load connections or moving from single phase to three phase electricity supply, the service upgrade process can be initiated through the MEPCO helpline. The feasibility assessment and cost estimation will be done before approving upgrade requests. Additional safety checks may be required before activating an upgraded service.

Power Outages

Power outages are an unfortunate but common occurrence. MEPCO aims to restore power as quickly and safely as possible.

To report a power outage, call the MEPCO helpline or use the online form on their website. Be sure to have your account information ready to provide. This allows MEPCO to identify the location and scale of the outage.

Once an outage is reported, MEPCO dispatchers will investigate the cause. For widespread outages, they generally have a crew dispatched within an hour. You can check for updates on estimated restoration times by calling the helpline.

MEPCO also provides an online outage map that is updated in real-time. This allows customers to see current outages in their area and track estimated restoration times. The map outlines the boundaries of affected areas and number of customers impacted.

Stay patient as MEPCO workers restore power safely and efficiently. Call the helpline rather than individual crews in the field so they can focus on repairs. And never go near any downed or low-hanging power lines – always assume they are live and dangerous.

With proper reporting and information sharing through their outage map, MEPCO strives to limit the inconvenience of power interruptions by restoring service promptly. Check the outage map and call the helpline for assistance and updates.


Lodging complaints with your electricity provider can be frustrating. However, MEPCO has several channels available for customers to submit complaints and have issues resolved promptly.

To lodge a complaint with MEPCO, customers can call the helpline number, submit feedback on the website, or visit a customer service center. When submitting a complaint, be sure to provide your account information and a detailed description of the issue. Photos, screenshots, or documents can also be attached to support the complaint.

Once a complaint is received, MEPCO aims to resolve it within a standard time frame. Complaints are logged into the system and assigned to the relevant department. Simple billing or service issues may be resolved within 24 hours, while complex technical problems can take 3-5 business days.

Customers can follow up on the status of their complaint by referencing the tracking number provided. If the initial resolution is unsatisfactory, the case can be escalated to a higher level. MEPCO also surveys customers on their complaint handling experience to continually improve the process.

With multiple complaint channels and a streamlined resolution system, MEPCO strives to provide satisfactory outcomes for customer grievances. Lodging a complaint is easy, and customers can expect a timely response. Monitoring progress and providing feedback helps MEPCO enhance complaint management.


The MEPCO helpline is available to assist customers with a variety of needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customers can call the helpline for billing inquiries, registering service requests, reporting power outages, safety issues, energy efficiency advice, load shedding details, and complaints.

The MEPCO helpline puts customers directly in touch with knowledgeable staff that can promptly address a wide variety of needs. Do not hesitate to call them with any electricity-related questions or requests. The helpline numbers are available 24/7 for your convenience.