How to get reference number if you have lost your bill?

Sometimes, finding the reference number for your MEPCO bill can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. But fear not! There are alternative paths to check your bill without it. Misplaced or not, that number won’t hold you back from keeping tabs on your electricity expenses.

Let’s dive in and discover how easy it can be to stay informed about your electricity bill.

What is the 14 digit reference number? The Importance of Your MEPCO Reference Number

Your MEPCO reference number is a unique account number that identifies you as a customer and enables you to access and track details about your electricity usage and billing. 

Having your MEPCO reference number is crucial for a variety of reasons:

  •  It allows you to pay your bill online, through the mobile app, without needing a physical copy of your bill.
  • You can view your monthly electricity usage and charges if you have the reference number, but not without it.
  • The reference number helps ensure your payments are properly credited to your account.
  • It enables you to register any complaints, change your tariff plan, or request other services from MEPCO.
  • If there are any issues with your meter readings or billing, the reference number helps identify your account and resolve problems faster.

So in summary, your unique MEPCO reference number is vital for accessing your account information, paying bills conveniently, tracking electricity consumption, and availing various services as a customer. Having this number handy eliminates hassles and makes life easier.

How can I check my 14 digits reference number?

Your MEPCO reference number is printed on the top left corner of your physical electricity bill. This number is unique to your electricity connection and meter. It is an important number you’ll need for checking your bill details online or through MEPCO’s website.

The reference number usually contains a combination of numbers, and is around 14 characters long. It is clearly printed on each monthly bill. So whenever you receive your new bill, take note of this reference number and keep it handy. You’ll need to enter it whenever you want to check your bill, make payments, lodge complaints, or access your account information on MEPCO’s online platforms.

Without this reference number, it is not possible to check your MEPCO electricity bill or access your account details through their website or app. So it’s important to save this number from your latest physical bill, and remember where you’ve kept it for easy access later. It is an essential key to managing your MEPCO account online or through their mobile app.

What To Do If You’ve Lost Your Bill?

If you’ve lost or misplaced your physical MEPCO bill and don’t have your reference number, the best thing to do is contact MEPCO customer support. You can call the MEPCO helpline or visit your nearest customer service center. Explain your situation to the representative – that you need to check your most recent bill but have lost the reference number. 

The representative can look up your account details using your name, address, and CNIC. Once they’ve pulled up your account, they can provide your reference number over the phone or print you a new copy of the bill. This will allow you to check your current bill and usage details through the official channels.

Be sure to write down the reference number for future use. Going forward, you may want to register for SMS notifications or email billing so you don’t need the physical bill to retrieve the reference number. But for now, contacting MEPCO customer service directly is the easiest way to get your reference number if you’ve lost your bill.

Visiting a MEPCO Service Center

If you don’t have your MEPCO bill and can’t find your reference number anywhere, visiting a MEPCO service center in person is an option. Bring a photo ID or other identification documents with you. 

At the service center, explain your situation to the representative. Let them know you need to retrieve your MEPCO reference number so you can check your current bill and make a payment.

The representative will ask for your address and other account details. Once they can verify your identity and that you are the account holder, they can look up and provide your reference number.  This allows you to get your reference on the spot at the service center, without having to wait or go elsewhere. Just be sure to have proper identification handy to allow the representative to access your account.

Once you have your MEPCO reference number again, you can use it to check your latest bill and usage. This avoids any disruption in being able to pay on time if you lost or misplaced your reference number. Visiting a center in-person is convenient if you’re nearby and need quick access to your reference. Just keep in mind their operating hours before going.

Checking Your Bill Online

To check your electricity bill online, you will need your MEPCO reference number.

Without the reference number, you cannot access your account or view your bill details. The online system is designed this way for security purposes – to prevent unauthorized access to customer information.

Using the MEPCO Website:

  1. Visit MEPCO website.
  2. Open home page. Enter yours’s reference number and click on your desired bill button.
  3. Boom! your bill has opened and now you can print and download your electricity bill.

Checking Consumption Without Reference Number

If you don’t have your reference number and need to estimate your electricity usage, there are a few options:

  1. Check previous electricity bills and look at your average monthly consumption. This can give you a rough estimate of what your usage might be. Just keep in mind your usage may fluctuate month-to-month.
  2. Look at the appliances and devices in your home and estimate their typical power draw and hours of use per day. Add up the usage across all devices to estimate your total daily or monthly consumption.
  3. Use an electricity usage calculator online. You enter details about your average units consumed and it will provide an estimate. You can also use our online electricity usage calculator.

While these methods provide estimates, there is no way to get an exact usage amount without your reference number. Try to locate a previous bill or contact MEPCO to get your reference number. This will allow you to check your precise electricity consumption each month.

While checking your MEPCO electricity bill without a reference number takes some extra effort, it’s not impossible. Being proactive about your utility bills ensures no unpleasant surprises or penalties for late payments.

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