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The Role of MEPCO MIS in Efficient Management Information System

MEPCO, or Multan Electric Power Company, is a public limited electricity distribution company that provides power to over 13 million people across 13 districts in South Punjab, Pakistan. As one of the largest electricity providers in the region, MEPCO operates an extensive network to deliver reliable and affordable energy to households and businesses.

To effectively manage its widespread customer base and operations, MEPCO utilizes an advanced management information system known as the MEPCO MIS. Introduced in 2016, this online portal serves as the backbone for the utility company’s customer service and internal management.

What is MEPCO MIS?

The MEPCO MIS is a comprehensive database that stores details on all MEPCO customers including their account information, billing history, applications, complaints and more. By centralizing this data, the system enables MEPCO staff to efficiently access customer records, identify issues, and provide timely solutions. Whether responding to service requests, processing payments, or managing outages, the MEPCO MIS allows the company to better serve its millions of customers across South Punjab.

The portal serves as a digital platform for MEPCO employees to access and manage consumer billing information and other key operations.

With the implementation of MEPCO MIS, routine tasks like bill generation, correction and complaint management which were previously handled manually using paper forms have been digitized. This has improved overall workflow efficiency for the utility company and also enhanced services for consumers.

The web-based system equips MEPCO staff with real-time consumer data and necessary tools to streamline billing, payment processing and revenue management. By serving as a centralized database, it eliminates the hassles of searching through paper records. The anytime, anywhere accessibility also allows staff to accomplish tasks faster.

As MEPCO continues to expand its consumer base, the MEPCO MIS portal has emerged as a critical solution to handle large volumes of billing and operational data. Transitioning from legacy paper-based systems to an integrated digital platform has brought higher productivity for the organization. As MEPCO continues to upgrade the MIS platform, the goal is to make electricity services more convenient and accessible to the public.

Benefits of the Online MEPCO MIS System

The online MEPCO MIS system provides numerous benefits through its accessibility, data management capabilities, and features.

  • Accessibility – The online system allows both MEPCO employees and customers to conveniently access information and services. Employees can manage customer data and assist with any issues, while customers can view billing, register complaints, and more.
  • Efficient Data Management – By storing customer information and account details digitally, the MIS enables quick, organized data management. Details on billing, applications, complaint history, and more are easily accessible.
  • Useful Features – Key features of the system include complaint management, bill payments, billing history checks, and managing new applications. Customers can register and track complaints through the portal.
  • Identifying Defaulters: The portal allows MEPCO to track defaulters by providing monthly and daily lists of defaulting customers. This aids MEPCO’s efforts to reduce power theft and take action against defaulters. The digital tracking makes it much easier to monitor and identify issues.

By leveraging the power of an online MIS, MEPCO and its customers enjoy streamlined access to information and management of services. The system reduces hassles while providing key functionalities for both parties.

Accessing the MEPCO MIS System

  • To access the MEPCO MIS system through the website, follow these steps:
    1. Go to the official MEPCO website at
    2. Enter your authorized username and password
    3. You will now have access to the MEPCO MIS portal.

You can login to MEPCO MIS system only if you have registered credentials.

The registration process is not online. An employee has to fill out a user-creation form to get login credentials for the portal. The form is then sent to the relevant officer for approval. Upon approval, the employee receives the credentials to access the MEPCO MIS portal. This same process is required when updating credentials for any employee.

The user creation form can be accessed from this link:

Note that the MEPCO MIS portal is intended only for use by MEPCO employees. It is not accessible to general consumers or the public. Only authorized MEPCO staff can access the portal by going through the proper registration procedure.

The same process is required for updating employee credentials. Employees must fill out the user creation form again and submit it for approval to change their portal access credentials.

MEPCO MIS Features

Bill Correction Feature

One of the most useful features of the MEPCO MIS portal is the ability to correct bills online. This allows MEPCO staff to quickly handle bill correction requests from consumers.

In the past, bill correction requests had to be submitted on paper forms which was inefficient to manage. With the online portal, staff can view and correct bills much faster.

The online bill correction feature benefits both MEPCO staff and consumers:

  • For staff, it eliminates the need to dig through piles of paper forms to find requests. All bill corrections can be viewed and managed in one digital system. This results in faster processing times.
  • For consumers, it means their correction requests can be addressed promptly. Rather than waiting weeks or months for paper forms to be reviewed, the online system allows for nearly real-time bill adjustments.

By enabling online bill corrections, the MEPCO MIS portal improves efficiency for staff while also providing better customer service to consumers. The digitization of this critical process is a major advantage of the new system.

Defaulters Tracking

MEPCO is determined to eliminate power theft and corruption. To achieve this, they track defaulters and identify power theft through the MEPCO MIS portal.

The portal allows authorized employees to access up-to-date monthly and daily lists of defaulters. This enables them to closely monitor chronic defaulters and identifies areas with high instances of power theft or irregularities.

Strict actions can then be taken against defaulters identified through the portal. By streamlining defaulter tracking digitally, MEPCO aims to reduce revenue loss and ensure fair electricity access across its service region.

The easy availability of defaulter lists is a key feature of MEPCO MIS. It equips staff to be proactive against corruption and theft. This is essential for improving the power situation and operational efficiency.

Daily Reports

The MEPCO MIS portal provides access to daily reports that give MEPCO employees an overview of key billing and revenue metrics.

Billing Statistics

The portal generates batch-wise billing statistics on a daily basis. This includes the total number of bills generated and categorized by billing cycles. Having batch billing statistics available daily allows MEPCO staff to closely monitor the billing workflow.

Division Assessment Reports

Daily division-wise assessment reports are also accessible through the portal. These provide billing and collection numbers for each regional MEPCO division. Monitoring the daily division reports enables identifying potential issues or discrepancies early.

Billing Status

The portal also generates a daily MEPCO billing status report. This covers the total billing count, total units billed, and revenue billed for the day. Tracking the daily billing status helps ensure the billing process is running smoothly and as expected across the company.

Missing Batches

Any missing billing batches for the day are highlighted in the MIS portal through the missing batches report. This allows the billing department to quickly follow-up and resolve any missing batches to avoid delays.

Overall, the daily reports available through the MEPCO MIS portal enable the staff to monitor key billing and revenue metrics on a timely basis. This supports efficient operations and workflow.

Revenue Reports

The MEPCO MIS portal provides easy access to vital revenue reports that help MEPCO staff track and manage financial performance.

Cash Collection

The cash collection report shows the total amount of revenue collected from MEPCO customers on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This allows staff to monitor incoming cash flow and ensure collections targets are being met. The report can be filtered by region, customer type, or other parameters.


The receivables report provides details on outstanding amounts owed by customers. Staff can view aging receivables to identify overdue payments that need collection efforts. Filters allow analyzing receivables by customer type, location, or account status.


Detailed billing reports are available, breaking down billed amounts by tariff, customer type, and other variables. This enables staff to ensure billing is accurate and identify any issues. Reports can compare current billing totals vs past periods.

The revenue reporting capabilities of the MEPCO MIS portal give staff the insights they need to effectively manage collections, receivables, and billing. The system allows much easier access to key financial figures compared to manual reporting processes.

Limitations of MEPCO MIS

Although the MEPCO MIS portal provides many useful features for employees, it does have some limitations:

  • The portal is only accessible to MEPCO employees. Consumers cannot directly access the portal or their account information. They must go through MEPCO staff to make corrections, complaints, etc. This can limit transparency for consumers.
  • The registration process is offline and requires filling out a form and approval. This may limit how quickly new employees can access the system compared to an online registration process.
  • Data and reports in the portal rely on manual entry and updating by staff. There could be potential for errors, outdated information, etc. if not carefully managed.
  • As an internal system, there may be limitations in the portal’s security, resilience, scalability, etc. compared to more robust customer-facing systems.
  • Features are focused on billing, payments, and revenue. Does not include customer support tools, communication systems, etc. that could improve consumer experience.
  • The portal is only designed for MEPCO use, limiting integration or standardization with other utility systems across Pakistan.

Overall, while the MEPCO MIS provides helpful features for managing operations, the system’s closed internal nature means it has some drawbacks for broader consumer transparency and engagement.


In conclusion, MEPCO MIS is a valuable tool for organizations looking to improve their management of information. Its comprehensive features and functionalities make it an indispensable asset in today’s data-driven business environment. By leveraging MEPCO MIS effectively, organizations can enhance their decision-making processes, improve operational efficiency, and achieve sustainable growth.

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